Comparing Contributory vs. Comparative Negligence

Perez Halpern, LLC serves the jurisdictions of Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia. All three of these states follow a legal standard known as “contributory negligence” when it comes to apportioning fault and monetary damages in an accident. North Carolina and Alabama are the only other two jurisdictions that, along with these three, still follow the contributory negligence standard in the whole of the Read More

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents: A Checklist

Riding a motorcycle appeals to people for a variety of reasons: maybe they enjoy the feeling of being free on the road, it’s more affordable than a car, or they like a sense of adventure. Whatever the case may be, many will tell you that this form of transportation is significantly more dangerous than driving a car. When you’re on the open road, how can you be safer?   Tip 1: Be smart about the weather - Read More

Personal Injury Law 101: An Introduction to Auto Accident Negligence

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. If you’ve been injured in an accident—such as a crash on the Beltway—your access to legal recourse will depend on your ability to show how the accident happened and who was responsible. Auto accident cases, as with most personal injury cases, revolve around the question of negligence. In basic legal terms, you and every other driver on the road must take “reasonable Read More