Meliha Perez Halpern is now Senior Counsel at ChasenBoscolo

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Making a Personal Commitment to Your Case and Your Future

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind: you never have to do it alone. You deserve to have the backing of a legal professional who always has your best interests in mind. Because we know the best ways to help you after an accident, you can find that support system right here at Pérez Halpern, LLC.

Meliha Pérez Halpern established Pérez Halpern, LLC with a specific vision. Following almost 8 years of work within a large personal injury law firm, she decided to start her own practice with a strong focus on meeting the individual needs of her clients. The result was a bilingual law firm—serving clients in both Spanish and English—known for providing clients with the personal attention they deserve.

At Pérez Halpern, LLC we make a personal commitment to each and every one of our clients. Our team approaches every personal injury claim with a focus on guidance, support, and action. The reason? We care about helping clients receive fair compensation. When you work with our law firm, you will meet directly with Attorney Meliha Pérez Halpern—as well as Firm Manager Andy J. Sampson—who will really get to know you, your family, and your case. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, and we will work together side-by-side to figure out your next steps. Not sure you need an attorney yet? Download one of our free reports to help you make a more informed decision on your case .

When you call Pérez Halpern, LLC, we will return your call within 24 hours. Aside from legal assistance with your personal injury claims, we can also handle any insurance and medical issues that may come up in your case. We work on your insurance claims, including your property damage and no-fault Personal Injury Protection and/or Medical Expense Benefits claims, at no extra charge. We will even offer guidance as you make decisions about the right medical treatment for you. If you have specific questions, call us for fast, straightforward, and reliable answers.

To reflect our commitment to the client’s best interests, we accept all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That means if we don’t collect damages for you, we won’t receive compensation for our work on your behalf. In other words, if we don’t win, we don’t get paid.

While some personal injury attorneys may view your case as just another file, or just another paycheck, we pride ourselves on operating outside the negative stereotypes surrounding lawyers. When you’ve been the victim of a personal injury in or around the Beltway, you need and deserve a law firm that will take a comprehensive, empathetic approach to all of the needs arising from your accident. To this end we offer a free consultation to get to know you, assess your situation, determine if you actually NEED an attorney, and make a plan of action. When the time comes, and you are at the moment of greatest need following a serious accident, we hope you will seek our help by calling us at (301) 476-1020 or sending us a message directly through our website