Meliha Perez Halpern is now Senior Counsel at ChasenBoscolo

Client Stories

True Stories About Real Pérez Halpern Clients


$414,253.13 Total Settlement of Wrongful Death Workers’ Compensation and Auto-Accident Case

In this January 2013 accident, a Prince George’s County Maryland man was working on a highway construction site when the at-fault driver went through the construction site barriers, struck and killed the worker.

While representing the decedent’s wife and parents, we were able to reach a lump sum settlement with the decedent’s employer under Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits, as well settle the Wrongful Death Claim against the at fault driver’s insurance policy for his policy limits.


$55,000 Settlement reach for bruising injuries to a Montgomery Woman Caused by a Single Driver

In this July 2012 accident, the injured woman was a front seat passenger in her friend’s vehicle in Montgomery County, Maryland. They were traveling together to a work seminar. The driver became distracted, lost control of her vehicle and flipped her car.

The injured woman ended up hanging upside down, held in by the seatbelt, inside the flipped vehicle. The emergency personnel, who quickly arrived at the scene, had to cut her out of the vehicle and transported her to the emergency room. She received significant bruising to both legs, with a permanent bruise to one leg. Prior to filing suit, the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver offered $7,800 in pain and suffering for the injured woman’s permanent injury. After filing suit, but before the trial, the at fault insurance company offered its full policy limits of $50,000 and we were also able to secure an additional $5,000.00 for her Underinsured Motorist Coverage.  

The Montgomery County Woman protected herself by purchasing additional insurance for herself and the rest of her household.


$70,000 Settlement reach for neck and shoulder injury to a Woman Rear-ended in Boyds, Maryland

In this June 2011 accident, plaintiff was stopped waiting to make a left turn when speeding car came up behind her. Despite the defendant attempting to hit his brakes and plaintiff hearing the screeching brakes, her vehicle was rear-ended so hard it was declared a total loss for more than $13,000.00. Plaintiff suffered injuries to her neck and shoulders. Plaintiff treated on and off for over 2 years, with several 3-5 month gaps in treatment.

Once suit was filed, the at-fault driver put up its $30,000 in policy limits. After going through discovery and mediation, plaintiff decided to settle for an additional $40,000 available through her Underinsured Motorist Benefits. While Meliha Pérez Halpern advised the plaintiff she thought the case may be worth a bit more, plaintiff decided to settle as she wanted to be able to put the memory of the accident and injuries behind her. Of course, we agreed as our goal is to guide and support our clients through the best decision for THEM, even if we think we can get the client a better result.


$50,000 policy limits settlement for Manassas, Virginia Woman injured when driver rear-ended another vehicle.

In this July 2012, a Manassas woman was front seat passenger in a vehicle traveling on Route 66 in the Springfield, Virginia area. Traffic ahead slowed down and her driver was not able to stop in time and smashed into the vehicle ahead. The woman has muscular injuries to her entire body. After being evaluated at the emergency room at Inova Fairfax Hospital, she treated with a chiropractor for a little over two months. Due to her injuries, she was unable to work for the entire time she was in treatment.  

The case settled prior to filing suit for the full policy limits of $50,000.00.