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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents: A Checklist

Riding a motorcycle appeals to people for a variety of reasons: maybe they enjoy the feeling of being free on the road, it’s more affordable than a car, or they like a sense of adventure. Whatever the case may be, many will tell you that this form of transportation is significantly more dangerous than driving a car. When you’re on the open road, how can you be safer?


  • Tip 1: Be smart about the weather – Rain and wind can significantly affect your ability to ride safely. When the roads are slick, particularly after it first starts to rain, your tires will have a hard time gripping the road. This means you need to give yourself more time to slow down at stop signs and red lights. Not only is it hard to see in the rain, but strong winds can also affect the balance of your bike.



  • Tip 2: Wear a helmet – This sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think it’s a necessary element when riding their motorcycle. You might be a safe driver, but others aren’t always diligent, and an accident can happen at any time. When investing in a helmet, think about one that utilizes a full face shield. The more protection you can have, the better.



  • Tip 3: Use your defenses – It’s drilled into our brains to be a defensive driver when in a car, but motorcycle riders need to use this line of thinking more than others. Statistics show that accidents between a bike and a car are more often caused by the car. As such, when you’re on the road you constantly need to be aware of others around you.



  • Tip 4: Know what to do if an accident happens – If you end up having an accident on the road, there are a few key steps you must take. First, make sure no one is hurt. If there are injuries, call 911 and get help right away. Before leaving the scene, take as many pictures as possible. This will serve as documentation should there be any disputes with the insurance companies of the vehicles involved. Also, get all contact and insurance information (including the name and mailing addresses for all drivers involved), and call your insurance company right away. You might also want to think about hiring legal representation to make sure your right are protected.  


Since Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. are all contributory negligence states, if you were even just the little bit contributorily negligent in the accident, you may not recover damages from the other person, or get your damages reduced. If you’ve been in an accident and need guidance  with your case, contact Pérez Halpern, LLC right away.

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