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Truck Accidents and Their 4 Most Common Causes

Any type of motor vehicle accident can be scary, but when a large truck is involved, it can be especially terrifying. Whether it’s a big rig or a delivery truck, large vehicles naturally creates a more dangerous situation when pitted against a smaller passenger vehicle.

Before getting a driver’s license we have to study the rules of the road and commit to driving safely, but what happens when others on the road don’t? We’ve examined some of the most common causes of accidents involving trucks and how you can protect yourself should something happen around you.

Tired Drivers Are A Common Concern

Studies tend to show that driver fatigue is one of the top causes of truck accidents, and while employers as well as state and federal governments set regulations in place to make sure their employees take adequate breaks, drivers don’t always follow these rules.

At certain times there are financial incentives to deliver goods faster, or maybe a local driver just has too many stops to complete in one day’s shift. No matter what the situation might be, drivers who have been behind the wheel too long are a huge danger to others around them.

What can you do to make sure you aren’t a part of the problem? No matter what time of day it is, make sure you give trucks plenty of space on the road. Tired drivers aren’t only out and about at night, so be sure to drive diligently around them at all times.

Unintended Equipment Failures

Not all trucking accidents are the fault of the driver; in fact, another top cause of truck accidents comes from equipment failure. Tire blowouts, engine problems, or faulty brakes can all lead to serious accidents on the road. Flying debris may cause more accidents on the road in the wake of a tire blowout, even if the truck itself made it to safety.

This type of incident isn’t always due to improper maintenance of the vehicle—indeed, it’s no different than if you had a problem with your vehicle’s engine and had no knowledge of it. So how can you avoid it? Give larger trucks plenty of room on the road, and follow them at a safe distance. This will allow the truck driver adequate room to stop and pull over if their vehicle does malfunction as well as provide you with adequate time and space to react to potential dangerous road conditions created by an unintended truck equipment failure.

When Drivers Miss The Mark

Aside from being tired, driving errors are at the heart of many truck accidents. Whether it’s an inexperienced driver who doesn’t know how much room they need to stop safely or they’ve attached their trailer incorrectly, a wide variety of mistakes can be the cause of an accident.

Other drivers on the road should make sure to be extra aware when driving around larger trucks or big rigs. You shouldn’t necessarily assume that something will go wrong, but keep in mind that accidents can happen quickly. Being a defensive driver will pay off if you happen to be around a large truck when something goes wrong.

Smaller Vehicles Are At Fault Too

Not all of the blame should rest on the operators of larger vehicles, as many truck accidents are caused by other drivers. Remember, big rigs and delivery vehicles don’t operate in the same way as our smaller cars do. They need more time to stop, wider areas to turn, and have larger blind spots. Driving with our full attention and being aware of the vehicles around us can help to greatly reduce the amount of incidents with larger trucks.

If you’ve been in an accident with a truck and have sustained injuries, call Pérez Halpern, LLC today. We can provide action and support to you to ensure you get the results you deserve.

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